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Evidencing the Impact: Mini Case Study 1

Discussion GroupScottish Language Dictionaries had developed a free, downloadable app to enable users of Scots to check and learn Scots words.  The organisation wanted to launch the app at a high school and to involve the local community.  They were keen to measure and record the impact of the event itself in order to assess whether such events should be replicated with future resources. 

Elaine Webster, the education and outreach officer, said: 

Evidencing the Impact supported our focus on increasing the impact of our resources. It gave a framework which demonstrated the complexity of impacts, assumptions and the short/medium and long-term aspects of impact. Communicating this in a diagrammatic way is (and will be) useful for discussion with current and potential partners as well as internally. It helped identify the key areas to look for evidence.

She concluded:

It was essential for me to try out a ‘worked example’ to check my understanding. I worked through the ‘outputs’ and ‘outcomes’ examples and read the background material which I was comfortable with but applying the toolkit to a ‘worked example’ really tested and clarified my understanding.

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“LLS have a very professional approach to training & Learning, which I have shared with others internally and externally.”

Elaine Webser,

Scottish Language Dictionaries

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