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Evidencing the Impact: Mini Case Study 2

A local authority adult learning service in a rural area wanted to plan how to reach more single dads in the community and bring them into adult literacies learning.  The focus of the learning would be on the dads’ own learning, as well as their children’s.  The adult learning co-ordinator worked with two of her staff over two afternoons to create a logic model.  The logic model would help them to plan the best what they needed to invest and do in order to achieve particular outcomes for this group of individuals.  The process enabled them to challenge and justify key assumptions (for example, that parents improving their skills will impact on their children’s achievement), to consider external factors that might help or hinder the process, and then to think through in detail what needed to happen in terms of engagement and delivery of the programme.  It also helped them to think through how they would measure the impact of the programme after its completion.

The co-ordinator said:

We felt clearer about what evidence we are looking for … we have a clearer idea before we start a project and we have a clearer idea of what we want to achieve at the end of a project. We feel we have a more focussed approach instead of just seeing how it goes.

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