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The Broomhouse Family Learning Group is an ongoing group of parents whose children attend Broomhouse nursery and primary. The main focus of the group has been looking at early literacy/numeracy and ways to support their child with learning.


The key views of the learners were that:


  • There is a lack of crèche support for adult learning.
  • Crèche facilities are crucial to enable us to take part this type of group.
  • Family learning means that we can learn about things that will help us and our children like healthy eating with a nutritionist. It also means we can take part in learning opportunities leading to employment, share information about finance and the group also provides an opportunity for support and letting off steam.
  • The best way for us to have our say on learning is to ask us in person, rather than by forms or questionnaires. We would like to get feedback on the result of the consultation and would like to know that our views are being listened too.
  • Childcare is the biggest concern for this group, in order to take part.

More information can be downloaded at the link below:

Family Learning Group

The membership form is available as a Word document. The form is very brief and won't take much time at all.

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