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A focus group made up of 11 students from a range of courses, including HNC Social Sciences, NC Business, NC Health & Social Care and NC Exercise & Fitness. The group ran for a period of 14 days. For the first 7 days the facilitator added a question each day. For the second 7 days the page was left open for anyone who hadn’t had a chance to participate yet to join in. 

The key views of the learners were that:

If we could wave a magic wand tomorrow, our wish for adult learning would be:

  • An obvious and constant wish…..more financial support, especially childcare!
  • To be instantaneous – take about 2 seconds to upload all knowledge, social experience and anything of value into the malleable minds of students. But REALISTICALLY speaking I’d also wish for more financial support, especially childcare!
  • An education system that is open, accessible and funded to an appropriate level, for all ages. That was cheeky!! My more achievable and realistic wish would be a structured nationally funded and endorsed FE/HE articulation agreement into employment and Higher Education that was strengthened by legislation that placed a much greater emphasis upon the various sectors and Universities to start building a better and more sustainable destination for students.
  • Better financial support, childcare is a must and increased knowledge and understanding of all processes and course content so future students have in depth knowledge of what they are about to undertake without having to resort to finding things out while going through the paces in the course itself.
  • Communication of all sorts. Information about your own course and progression routes as well as information about events, societies and support available.

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“LLS have a very professional approach to training & Learning, which I have shared with others internally and externally.”

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