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NAGLV: Numeracy Group

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The group

A tutor and two volunteer tutors support the learners in the group. The learners use individual learning plans to identify their own priorities and interests around numeracy.

The key views of the learners were that:

  • It is important for our views to be heard, because we are the ones who are experiencing the learning and know most about it. We have insight into how to improve things.
  • We feel confident as a result of our numeracy class and we know that it is okay to make mistakes and that we are not alone.
  • We appreciate the small group setting for learning and that we are allowed time and space to make the most of learning.
  • We would like to talk and write to people who make the decisions about budgets, asking questions and asking for justifications for cuts in funding.
  • We could attend organised events and focus groups and speak up.
  • Group discussion is a good way for us to get our views across, with the facilitator recording the answers.
  • It’s important for us to get feedback after the consultation to find out about the impact of our involvement

More information can be downloaded at the link below:

Numeracy Group

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