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DigiMaths Survey

DigiMaths Survey: a report on a survey of teachers in Europe relating to their use of digital technologies to teach mathematics/numeracy in a variety of settings 

Our Erasmus+ strategic partnership called DigiMaths has been examining effective practice in the use of digital technologies to teach numeracy/mathematics.  The partnership is just about to launch guidance, training and resources for people teaching in schools, colleges, universities, adult learning and other settings.

You can read more about the project by clicking this link: DigiMaths and you are invited to attend our launch event which you can attend virtually or in person, for more information please follow this link: DigiMaths launch event.

One of the partnership’s first objectives was to find out what people are already doing in relation to delivering numeracy/mathematics using digital technologies.  We circulated a survey to your networks and we would now like to feedback the results, to see what we found please follow this link: DigiMaths Survey

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