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Adult Learning – the impact of COVID-19

Learning Link Scotland consulted members and partners about the impact on adult learning of the current COVID-19 crisis.

Adult Learning and COVID-19

The first survey we carried out found that adult learning opportunities are providing a real life line for a lot of people, especially the most vulnerable and isolated learners.

In the survey asked about the challenges organisations face as well as any support they could identify to sustain their work. There are many challenges in maintaining contact and delivery under the current circumstances, the main challenge is that many learners have no access to digital technology or use of the internet and are not confident in using digital technologies. In addition, not all staff and tutors have access to or the skills to use appropriate technology. When asked what support is required, respondents identified that they needed extended and flexible funding that will enable organisations to have more flexibility with how to use funding to best meet learners’ needs and give staff the security they need during this period.

You can read more in the full report: Adult Learning and COVID-19

The Financial Impact of COVID-10 on Adult Learning

LLS conducted a second, short survey to gather a snapshot of the financial impact of COVID-19 on the ability of adult learning organisations to provide a service to their learners.

The survey ran from 17th April to 21st April and gathered a snapshot of what is happening. We asked how many learners organisation could not work with because of the current crisis and how much it would cost to enable them to do so.

Read the survey results here: The Financial Impact COVID-19


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