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Tips to avoid COVID-19 cyber scams

Alison Stone, SCVO’s cyber resilience coordinator’s recent Blog gives third sector organisations some tips to avoid COVID-19 scams. Here is an extract:

Everything seems to have changed so quickly in the last month, but some things are still the same and there is one section of society who seem to be having the time of their lives – the scammers, fraudsters and cyber-criminal fraternity.  Never knowingly missing the opportunity to exploit and turn to their advantage, cyber criminals are all over coronavirus to fleece, scam and generally make use of our fears and trust to their advantage.  

Cyber-crime, in general terms, hasn’t increased in volume, however the focus of most scams we are seeing at the moment definitely have a coronavirus theme and the amount of people falling for them has grown. There has been a mass of domain names registered over the last two months which feature “Coronavirus/Covid-19” in their title. Many of these are being used for unscrupulous practices – either to harvest our personal details, such as usernames and passwords, fooling us to click on links which may install malware onto a device or taking our money via illegitimate purchasing sites selling PPE for example or fake donation websites to take advantage of our generosity….”

Read Alison’s full blog here:

Alison Stone is cyber resilience coordinator at the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO). You can find support and advice on SCVO’s Coronavirus Third Sector Information Hub.

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