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Adult Learning Strategy for Scotland – Survey

Learning Link Scotland Briefing on the Adult Learning Strategy for Scotland 2021- 2026 

Creating the Conditions to Empower Adults and Improve Life Chances in Scotland 

Learning Link Scotland 

Learning Link Scotland is the national intermediary for third sector adult learning in Scotland. We are completing a consultation on the Adult Learning Strategy for Scotland. You may have already seen the strategy or been asked to consult on it but we would like to hear your views in relation to providing third sector adult learning. Do you see your work reflected in the strategy? Do you have a role in the implementation of the strategy? How will we know the strategy is working for third sector learners and providers? 

Learning Link Scotland has created a survey for anyone associated with or familiar with third sector adult learning to complete. The survey will be closed on 23rd June 2021, pleas fill it in before then, the link to the survey is here: Consultation Survey 

The Adult Learning Strategy for Scotland 

The Strategy sets out the context for its development alongside an outline of the consultation processes used to bring it to this point. It also outlines the key values and principles underpinning the strategy:  

This strategy aims to create the conditions for connected adult learning opportunities that link Scotland’s communities, local authorities, third sector organisations, colleges and universities around an offer of learning for adults, particularly those furthest from inclusion and experiencing disadvantage. 

The vision of the strategy is that ‘Adult learning in Scotland will develop better skilled, educated, confident and empowered people contributing to connected and inclusive communities.’ 

Executive Summary 

The Adult Learning Strategy for Scotland aims to create the conditions to empower adult learning and improve life chances for adult learners across Scotland. Overseen by the Adult Learning Strategic Forum for Scotland, it focusses on actions to bring about greater collaboration within learning systems, and with learners, to create a more inclusive system which supports improved access to learning opportunities which are lifelong, life-wide and learner centred. 

There are 20 recommendations under 5 themes: 

Theme 1: Expanding and Extending Adult Learning 

The recommendations are to collect evidence on the current delivery of community-based adult learning; evaluate suitability of funding arrangements for adult learning; undertake a review, with learners and practitioners, on the impact of ‘Welcoming Our Learners: Scotland’s ESOL Strategy 2015-2020’ and ‘Adult Literacies in Scotland 2020’ and increase access to, and support for, accredited learning for community-based adult learning and for online learning options for adults. 

Theme 2: Connecting the Adult Learning Journey 

The recommendations are to provide support and recognition for structured partnerships to ensure the needs of adult learners are at the heart of the decision making process locally, regionally and nationally; strengthen partnership arrangements which identify and meet the advice and guidance needs of adult learners; evaluate the effectiveness of existing systems for Recognition of Prior Learning and how they are used to ensure a coordinated, cohesive national Recognised Prior Learning process and ensure the adult learning journey is underpinned by the SCQF. 

Theme 3: Communication 

Increase public awareness of adult learning opportunities; increase cross policy support for the role of community-based based adult learning and develop coherent and consistent data and measurements for the impact of adult learning 

Theme 4: Access and Inclusion 

Explore, define and reduce the barriers which impact adult learners and ensure consistent and appropriate use of Impact Assessments to plan accessible provision which reduces the persistent inequalities experienced by people with protected characteristics. 

Theme 5: Workforce Development 

Strengthen cross sectoral professional learning (PL) opportunities; refresh mapping of qualifications for adult learning practitioners; create a shared understanding of roles and responsibilities across all those responsible for adult learning, underpinned by awareness of relevant national occupational standards and the CLD competences; develop an improved framework of support for adult learning volunteers; establish the availability, access and uptake of specialist adult learning qualifications and explore and support training for the practitioners to ensure adequate digital skills. 

Following on from the recommendations, an implementation plan will be developed, outlining how we can achieve the recommendations, who might be involved and the appropriate timescales. 

The draft ALS has been developed based on ALSFS members’ contributions, consultation and evidence. As part of the next stage in the process, the Chair is asking members to feedback a collective view from the organisation/network they represent to help inform and further shape the strategy. 

Consultees are asked if they have any comments on the recommendations within the themes; have any planned or ongoing work that would contribute to the implementation of the recommendations; what specific actions could they make, or contribute, to implement these recommendations and who would the key partners be to ensure the success of these recommendations? 

Please complete the survey by Wednesday 23rd June 2021



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