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Connect 4 Projects Report, Summer 2022

Earlier this year we invited third sector member organisations to apply for special Connect 4 funds to support organisations to re-engage with adult learners who may have become isolated throughout the pandemic. Now completed, the Connect 4 Project was a huge success, with a diverse, imaginative and exciting health and wellbeing programme centred on re-engaging adults in face-to-face and online learning opportunities.
We worked with 16 third sector organisations who ran 21 community-based adult learning projects focussed on getting adults back into learning and to support their reconnection with adult learning groups, providers and learner-led organisations. They worked with 574 adult learners 45 children and young people, all of whom are in the Scottish Government child poverty priority groups.
We aim to upload details of all 21 projects and contact details for each organisation over the coming weeks so check our website out for more news.  
The feedback from all the projects involved was extremely positive, with learners expressing the difference being involved had made to their own lives. For example:

  • “I’ve never read a book before so I am very proud.”
  • “It was nice to get out of the house and talk to people.”
  • “I was medevacked from the Bosnian war and after that discharged from the service for being gay. I have suffered mental health issues since then and this experience has been really great, I have enjoyed it’
  • “I find this is really good for my mental health it gives me something to look forward to”

“LLS have a very professional approach to training & Learning, which I have shared with others internally and externally.”

Elaine Webser,

Scottish Language Dictionaries

“It feels good to be belong to Learning link and I look forward to other events and to making use of your materials.”


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