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Digitally Agile CLD – the Basics 



This is a Learning Link Scotland (LLS) project in partnership with Scottish Community Development Centre (SCDC) and YouthLink Scotland. We have developed training to support CLD practitioners to enhance their own basic digital skills and to embed those skills into their CLD practice. CLD professionals work in adult education, youth work and community development and aim to tackle poverty, social isolation and other forms of inequality. In embedding basic digital skills in their work, CLD practitioners will also be passing on basic digital skills to the participants of their CLD practice.

The partnership between LLS, SCDC and led by YouthLink Scotland had previously provided Digitally Agile CLD Training. That project was aimed at developing training for CLD around the Digitally Agile CLD National Principles.

Scotland’s Digital Participation Charter is built and managed by the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations with support from the Scottish Government. The Digitally Agile CLD Project – the Basics supports all five pledges of the Charter with a strong emphasis on the following:

1 Skill Up 

We ensure that our staff & volunteers have the opportunity to develop basic digital skills.

2 Support Staff

We support our staff & volunteers to help others learn basic digital skills and embrace digital tools.

3 Support Scotland  

We support our nation by contributing resources and practical support for Scotland in whatever ways we can.


The Training

The training focusses on basic digital skills of managing information, communicating, transacting, problem solving, creating and staying safe online. The context for the course will be how basic digital skills can become embedded in the practitioners’ CLD practice. The training will be offered five times and take place in five places across Scotland to ensure a wide reach.  

LLS are working with a target group of CLD workers who work directly with older people, disabled people and job seekers and will mostly be part-time paid or volunteers who live in close proximity with the client group they work with.


The focus of this project is on raising CLD workers’ confidence with basic digital skills.


If you would be interesting in attending training, becoming a partner to offer training or would like more information about the project, then please contact Jackie Howie

The membership form is available as a Word document. The form is very brief and won't take much time at all.

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